Using the R-programming language (R Core Team 2016), the BBMRIomics-package makes integrated analyses, across BBMRI-omics datasets, as easy as possible.

BBMRI-Omics is a collection of whole genome sequencing (BGI, N~750), transcriptome (RNA seq, N~4,000), methylome (Illumina 450K, N~4,000), and metabolome (Nightingale Health/Brainshake, N~25,000) data sets generated across more than 20 human cohorts in the Netherlands (referentie naar toekomstige website). In addition to the generated data, imputed genotypes are available as well as detailed technical information on data generation is provided, such as sequencing machine, flow-cell, array position on the chip, date of hybridization. Furthermore, phenotypic data on the individual level such as blood measures of cholesterol, C-reactive protein, and blood cell count. But also lifestyle factors as smoking, alcohol use in addition to antropometric measures as body mass index.

The aim of the BBMRIomics-package is to make integrated analyses, within the BIOS data collection or across BBMRI projects, as easy as possible, using the R-programming language.

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R Core Team. 2016. R: A Language and Environment for Statistical Computing. Vienna, Austria: R Foundation for Statistical Computing.